The final stage of IEM Major Rio, the Champions Stage, takes place from November 10 to 13 at Tennessee Arena . The first CS: GO World Cup in Rio de Janeiro is being a real success, and the proof of this is that even a marriage proposal rolled live on IEM Fan Fest-space specially designed for fans who Host Gauges.

During the first and second MD3 map between Cloud9 and Moue, Lamina and BT0 -the charismatic members of the Gauges tribe-went to the middle of the public to interview the audience that was watching the game by there. It was at this moment that Antonie Filho , a 24-year-old student, appeared on the camera and asked for 26-year-old marketing analyst Letícia Rocha in marriage.

The marriage proposal in the middle of IEM Fan Fest

MGG azil talked to the couple, who came from Goiânia, Goiás, to Barry the Tijuana in Rio de Janeiro to watch the major. When we found them, some time after the request, both were astonished and resting in a corner trying to absorb the situation. Leticia and Antonie have been together for six years and have been studying in the same college-she had journalism and he economics-when they gave Match no Tinder, relationship application. They went out for a coffee and since then they are together.

How did you get the idea that you propose to her in the major?

Antonie: Thus, my story with CS: GO is a little recent; I started playing at 1.6, but I followed again with the Global Offensive in the pandemic. Everything happened in the world, right, and I was Half down. My friends all played and called me too, that’s when I met CS, Gas, and went better for that moment

I’ve always been watching the games, and she started watching with me, always asking me ‘what is this? What is that?’ And I was explaining little by little, and she was enjoying it. At the moment she opened the sales of the major I bought, and she always had the dream of coming to Rio de Janeiro, ended up joining the useful to the pleasant, and then I thought ‘I need to do something special to her. ‘She is a person who helped me a lot throughout my life and there is no way to describe how much I love her. It had to be a special thing for her and that’s it.


The now ide Leticia has revealed that she does not play CS: Go, and that, in fact, it is dizzy to try-but accompanies by him. We asked how she felt with the request, and she replied:

In shock. We’re here in the corner trying to absorb everything. I’m here watching the videos of the moment all the time. It was exciting and a unique moment of life, I’m thinking ‘my God, this is recorded by eternity, literally.

Of course, we asked if everything was planned behind the scenes or if he carried the alliance thinking about the perfect moment to ask for the hand of Leticia and Antonie explained that he had already thought of everything with his friends in Goiânia-and that everyone knew that the marriage proposal would happen, except the ide herself. He also told about how his reaction was when the interviewers went to the public:

Out of nowhere, the Lamina was by my side and I tried to get the covenant, but it couldn’t because she was very close to me. Limit, for God’s sake, I need to talk about a business’ because I knew that later I wouldn’t have the courage. She knows how much I’m shy, but I continued because I knew it would be amazing, and she deserves it.