Team17 and Small Impact Games have announced that the number of players raids in the Pope shooter Marauders , which started early access to Steam on October 4, has reached 30 million times.

Players are searching for valuable loots in search of deep-space battlefields and fighting in the dogfight of spacecraft vs spaceship, but according to Small Impact Games, Seen is the most looted weapon. At the same time, it seems that the average of 4 kills are recorded before the player escapes or kills. In addition to 59 % of the participants as a single wolf, the bandage to recover health has been looted more than 9.2 million times.

MARAUDERS is being distributed for 3,499 yen on Steam. In the latest patch released today, two types of weapons (EM-2, Wesley revolver) are added, map cycles that prevent raids from repeated, airlock that relieves congestion of players, and the missions of Preacher Pod’s kill Includes experience points, lean switching options, view sliders, etc. Please check the development blog for detailed changes.

The teaser video of the code name Ace , a large content update scheduled to be released in December, has also been released.