Spielberg is untouchable. It is one of those directors who have worked a career with work, talent and good work. Each statement is therefore more relevant and draft than if another director of Hollywood w said. Attention is paid and what h been said with respect is analyzed. Well, recent statements to The New York Times leave no one indifferent.

When the cinema disappeared with the pandemic

Pre-pandemic cinema figures were absolutely spectacular. In 2019 all the records with Disney at the head were beaten. And we already know what happened next. The world w paralyzed and culture stepped on the brake. Only digital books, widowers were saved and, to which we are going, streaming services.


Netflix, Disney, HBO Max… They saw how their subscribers rose like the foam at a time when confinements locked us in our homes. With the empty rooms, the drawers of the producers began to be carried out with dozens of Pericles that could no longer be releed in rooms. Warner , desperate, chose to relee directly in HBO Max , crossing the fingers so that the Numbers of the Suede would compensate for the expense.

Other products, such the lt Bond, suffered a journey through the desert trying to sell these platforms for a price that none wanted to pay, which resulted in an eternal wait until a traditional premiere. Spielberg h spoken over those dark times, in which colleagues by profession and friends saw their effort cut by television screens.

Pandemia created an opportunity for transmission platforms to incree their subscriptions at record levels and also threw some of my best filmmakers under the bus, since their films did not premiere without contemplation in cinem.

That said, he continued to refine who w in the center of his target:

They were paid, and the films were suddenly relegated, in this ce, to HBO Max. The ce I speak. And then everything began to change.

Fortunately, things have gradually return to their channel, although still without the magical figures of yesteryear. What do you think about it? Is Spielberg right? Did Warner do well?