Two months of studio announced on the 17th that it released a 2D platformer game ‘LAPIN’ as early access. The platform is a PC (STEAM) and Xbox, and you can play up to Chapter 3 out of the total chapter 6. Early access of the PC version is 16,500 won and will be discounted 10% a week after its launch.

In the 2022 G-Star, which will be held for 20 days from the 17th, the two-month studio will hold a demonstration and launch event of LAPIN’s demo build.

Latin is a 2D platform game that deals with the adventure story of a cute rabbit expedition, leaving for a new place. In the midst of the characteristics of the herbivorous animals of the rabbit, they pursued the pleasure of the platformer game with the rabbit-like jumps and the walls of the wall. It also features abundant collection elements and rich stories with five rabbits.

The five organic rabbits who lived under the park are in danger of collapsing oysters due to human construction. In addition to the risk of falling oysters, the sound of noisy construction can no longer live under the park’s land, so the rabbits begin their adventures to find a new place. In LAPIN, the player needs to be a white rabbit ‘Rise’, kicking the walls, or using gimmick to break through dangerous terrain with accurate and fast movements. Exploring, talking with fellow rabbits, meeting new animal friends, and experiencing warm time.

In the challenging area hidden during the adventure road, you can acquire Seeds, a collection element where you can see the story of the past expedition. In addition, it provides an adventure-rich entertainment, such as photo cards, detailed stories that can be obtained by increasing the crush through dialogue with fellow rabbits, and stickers and memory that can be obtained by satisfying various hidden conditions.

Latin’s early access period is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. In the Early Access version, you can play up to three of the six chapters. In addition, one of the eight past episodes that are unlocked by increasing the crush of rabbit friends can be unlocked.

All chapters will be added to the ending, the total eight photo card episodes will be added, and various collection elements and steam challenge tasks will be added.

Meanwhile, two months of studio will hold a demo build demonstration and launch event at 2022 G-Star, which will be held for 20 days from the 17th.

For more information about Latin, please visit the Steam Link.