Net marble won the Excellence Award for Merge Kenya Island at the 2022 Korean Game Awards held on the 17th and the Technology Creative Award for the Seven Knights Revolution. As a result, Net marble won the winning work for 10 consecutive years since 2013.

Merge Kenya Island, who won the Excellence Prize, is a Merge genre mobile casual game launched by Net marble in June, based on Net marble’s own IP Kenya. Three objects combine to create new objects and create your own island.

Seven Knights Revolution, which won the Technology Creative Graphic Division, is an MMORPG introduced in July, maximizing the original characteristics of Seven Knights. High-quality casual graphics focused on increasing visual immersion.

Net marble will hold a reward event in both games to commemorate the award. Merge Kenya Island offers a total of 500 gems of 500 gems, including 200 Gems and Sprout Rung Basket Box from 17th to 20th. Seven Knights Revolution will receive a four-star hero summons to all users who access the game after 6 pm on the 17th.

Net marble said, I am grateful that projects introduced by their own IP have achieved significant achievements.


Meanwhile, Net marble is a monster taming in 2013 for aka, Marvel for aka of all, 2014 Seven Knights for Aka (Popular Game Award, Technology Creative Game Character Division), Raven in 2015 With NEVER, 2016 Stone Age (Best Prize), 2017 Lineage 2 Revolution (Best Prize) and Pentagon for Aka, 2018 Knights Chronicle (Excellence Award) Blade & Soul Revolution (Excellence Award), Seven Contributions: Grand Cross (Excellence Award), Kenya Catch Mind (Excellence Award), BTS World (Good Game Award), 2020 A3: Steel Live (Excellence Award) : I received Cross Worlds.