Representative Lee Pantheon (Democratic Party, San Bug) will hold a debate to strengthen the function of the Content Dispute Coordination Committee at 2 pm on November 23 at the National Assembly’s 9th Meeting Room.

The debate is an extension of the amendment of the Content Industry Act, which was proposed by lawmaker Lee Pantheon, and will deal with how to add mediation to the Content Dispute Mediation Committee (hereinafter referred to as ‘Cone Quartet’).

Representative Lee Pantheon proposed a partial revision of the Contents Industry Promotion Act, which contains the above contents in April last year. This is because the adjustment of the cone is not effective, which has been used as a means of delayed dispute resolution.

The adjustment of the cone is not binding. For this reason, both parties may not participate in the coordination process for no reasonable reason or reject the mediation. For this reason, only three coordination was established last year. In the ratio, it is 0.02%p.

Arbitration, on the other hand, is mandatory for both parties to participate in the arbitration procedure and forcibly arrested by the arbitrator’s judgment. As a result, if the intervention function is added to the cone, the effectiveness of the conflict dispute system is expected to increase.

In addition, arbitration can be used in international disputes related to content in the future as it is possible to resolve rapid international disputes through international conventions.

In this debate, Professor Son Byung-soo, Chung-Ang University, will be present. The debaters will be attended by King Mi-Sol, a lawyer, Song Si-gang, Professor of Law at Henrik University, Choir Byung-soo’s law firm, and Kim Hymnbook, director of the Policy Law Institute of Policy and Law.

On the other hand, Lee Pantheon’s amendment also includes the addition of △ ex officio adjustment function and group dispute adjustment function. Both are system to guarantee the speed and efficiency of the adjustment system.

The ex officio adjustment system enhances the speed of the adjustment by allowing the cone to make a decision to replace the adjustment if the mediation is rejected without reasonable reason.

The collective dispute adjustment system increases the efficiency of the adjustment by allowing many users to apply for dispute adjustments in a batch if the same or similar types of damage occurs.

Representative Lee Pantheon said, It is time to strengthen the function of the cone area that will be in charge of related disputes, from collective adjustment applications of related game users to recent probability items, said Lee Pantheon. The amendment has not yet been judged. We look forward to seeing the legislative review through this debate.