After the victory in the Worlds of League of Legends against T1 in an infarction final by three maps to two, Dr faces important decision-making. Now they will have to assess and raise and see if they decide to have a continuous project or, on the other hand, incorporate new pieces with which to make a place in the LCK.

The club announced, through Twitter that the contracts of its five starting players expired. In this way, Zebra, Deft, Kin gen, Posit and Beryl become free agents, so they will be allowed to hear offers for the 2023 season both in LCK itself and in Chinese lands, in LPL.

Likewise, after publishing this tweet, they put another in the same thread explaining the situation: To continue with this fun challenge with these players, Dr will talk to them to try to renew their contracts. Thank you for being in the Dr 2022 company, Dr, And Dr promises to write an even more brilliant story with the best possible players for next year.

Very quoted players

Seeing the level of several of its players, it is not surprising that some of them do not watch Dr’s elastic next year. The most popular is Zeta. After he failed to succeed in China, in DRX he has demonstrated his great potential and why he can be one of the best media in the world, with registration performances, especially with Silas and Alkali, so returning to China could be An option, especially at the economic level.

On the other hand we will have to wait for Deft’s decision to withdraw, or will continue playing a season after putting a perfect finishing touch to his career after several years fighting and persisting for lifting the invoked’s cup. There has been much talk that this was going to be his last dance, but, who knows if the veteran shooter surprises us and will continue a year playing in Dr.