Amazon, media market, alternate and many other stores have practically limitless lists with Black Friday Deals ready. However, what else do you get, and where is it most inexpensive?

The Black Friday enters into the second half and slowly completion of the discount campaigns is already in sight. Where are the finest deals? We show you which product categories you can save now and likewise express some recommendations.

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If you wish to know what you should not buy, this report by Benedict Schliemann is necessary reading:

Purchase graphics cards and hardware on Black Friday

Other PC components are obviously at least as important and, above all, Mind factory has a large range of offers to use today.

There are currently no deals with regard to graphics cards that would activate interest. There is the 30 generation at solid rates, around EUR 638 for an RTX 3070 on Amazon, however maps like the RTX 4090 are still more costly than a good complete PC.

  • Purchase Ga inward GeForce RTX 4080 for EUR 1539
  • Buy gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 for EUR 638
  • Buy AMD Ryzen 7 5800x for EUR 239
  • Buy 1 TB Samsung SSD 980 for EUR 104
  • Buy 16 GB G. Skill Aegis DDR4 RAM for EUR 45

If the list was not yet there, we suggest a look at among these stores, since there you will discover a great deal of strong offers:

  • Purchase PC hardware from Amazon
  • Purchase PC hardware from Mind factory
  • Purchase PC hardware at MediaMarkt
  • Purchase PC hardware from Otto

video gaming laptop computers and other PC deals

  • Purchase MSI Katina gf76 gaming laptop computer at the finest rate of EUR 1099
  • Purchase MSI Vector GP76 high-end video gaming laptop for 1999 EUR
  • Buy Gamester PC Ultimate Radon 6900xt available for EUR 1599
  • Purchase Lenovo Ideaacentre Gaming PC with RTX 3060 for 1099 EUR

At the most current considering that the large graphics card town, it has been clear: video gaming laptops and complete PCs have actually ended up being truly beneficial alternative to self-construction. In the past, the former in particular are now the precise reverse. Finest example: The MSI Katina GF76 just beats EUR 1099 (half as much as an RTX 4090!) And has a great deal of buzz under the hood.

However, if you currently have an impressive gaming PC and are searching for ideal periphery, we also have a couple of suggestions for you here:

  • Buy racer mice and keyboards from Amazon
  • Buy Microsoft Life cam Studio Q2F -,00015 Webcam EUR 54.99
  • Buy Castro Gaming A50 Wireless Video Gaming Headset for EUR 209.99
  • Purchase Rocket One Pro Air Video gaming Mouse now for EUR 49

the finest deals for Xbox, PS4 and PS5

Regrettably, the PS5 is still in short supply, however the Xbox Series X is now available for the RRP at Amazon. Xbox’s fans are likewise happy about deals to controllers, since you presently get this for impressively low-cost EUR 34.99:

  • Buy Xbox Series X for EUR 499 (RRP) from Amazon
  • Purchase Change video games from Otto
  • PlayStation 5 Dual sense Starlight Blue Wireless Controller now buy for EUR 49.99
  • WD_BLACK SN850X NVMe internal gaming SSD now purchase for EUR 99.90

Nintendo’s console, on the other hand, can show off with a range of video games with deals. The Otto online shop in particular has some leading titles available, including Mario Strikers: Fight League Football, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Pokémon Purpura/Parmesan.

Anybody who already has a PS5 does not have to grieve, because in addition to low-cost double sensual controllers, there is likewise the best console SSD with a great deal of discount.

You can discover even more PS4 and PS5 deals from MediaMarkt and Saturn here:

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At the newest considering that the big graphics card town, it has been clear: gaming laptops and complete PCs have ended up being actually rewarding alternative to self-construction. When purchasing by means of these links, Mango.


The Black Friday goes into the 2nd half and slowly the end of the discount projects is already in sight. Where are the best deals? We reveal you which item classifications you can save now and likewise express some suggestions.