Three classes will be playable: defense, support and assault, with naturally the possibility of changing your abilities, both in equipment and in terms of weapons. The game will also build walls, towers, ammunition stations and other elements using the resources obtained in the world refineries. In terms of bestiary, Starship Troopers Extermination will provide 5 types of opponent bugs launching: drone, warrior, gunner, grenadier plasma and tiger elite. Naturally, the more we advance and the greater and enforcing the enemies, with large-scale clashes that are prepared, with swarms comprised of a hundred pests on the screen that will have to be repelled. Established by Off world Industries in 2014 by a group of enthusiastic designers, the studio now has more than 100 staff members located in New Westminster and around the world. We already owe them the Squad game, which has actually offered 3 million copies worldwide.


Starship Troopers, Paul Verboten’s well-known movie, is back in video games! This is not the very first time that the movie has actually been the topic of an adaptation in video games and there have actually been a number of categories that have been lured, from First Individual Shooter to RTS, also passing by the mobile. Scriptwriting, the video game will position us in the shoes of a soldier in the Deep Space Vanguard, an elite group of special forces within the mobile infantry.