The Diablo 4 Twitter account changes its profile photo.
Who could be the strange individual?
The gamers discuss excitedly, because quickly an important visit for Diablo fans can come.
There is still little information about Diablo 4 and news is coming to light again and once again.
The gameplay to Diablo 4 is currently being gone over, although no one was really allowed to discuss the beta.


Now a new photo triggers a feeling among Diablo fans.
Is a new character from Diablo 4 revealed?
Mango describes what’s behind it.

New profile image on Twitter and Facebook has actually players gone over

Just what do you see?
Diablo’s main Twitter account has actually changed both the profile picture and the background.
The very same thing happened on Facebook.
In the new photo you can see a figure that wears a red robe.

The face can not be seen.
In the left hand, the person brings a lantern from which a mystical symbol originates from.
Here you can see a chalice above which there is a shining sun.
Now numerous gamers wonder: who could be?
The players discuss this: Some presume that an angel might conceal behind the Robe Ignatius.
Ignatius once led the Ang iris advice, however left the high sky. Lilith, who was expected to play a major role in Diablo 4, coordinated with him and developed the world of Sanctuary and the Nephew.
This is how someone writes (via

Could this new holy symbol be the logo design of the cathedral of light, which Ignatius once led?
And what if he is in the kind of the veiled prophet, which leads the cathedral of light, the exact same as the Prophet, who cited the group of D3 magician [suggested the sorceress from Diablo III]
The reality that the individual shown does not seem to have a physical head should indicate that the individual revealed should absolutely be an angel.
Since angels in Diablo are usually shown, as can likewise be seen in Ariel or Travel.
Nevertheless, there is no assurance since Blizzard has actually not yet talked about the picture.
However, numerous belief that there might be crucial news about Diablo 4 in a few days.

Community suspects great announcement on December 8, 2022.

What are the fans awaiting?
The community believes that more might be behind the tweet and the changes to the profile.
Since on December 8, 2022, the Video game Awards..
This is an event at which the best video games of the year are granted costs.
In addition, new video games are provided and announcements are made.
Numerous now hope that Blizzard might utilize the Game Awards to present additional info about Diablo 4, including a specific release date.
More details about the rumors can be found here on Mango:.
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