More World Cup Showdown SBS are on the way, giving an extra edge to the knockout video games in the competition.

The World Cup material keeps being available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Group, with World Cup Stories cards soon to be replaced by World Cup Phenoms.

Take a look at the leaked cards for England’s Luke Shaw and France’s Marcus Thu ram and discover out how you might unlock them in FUT 23 listed below.

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Obviously, it is Fut Constable who dripped that Luke Shaw and Marcus Thu ram will be getting World Cup Showdown cards via SBS in FIFA 23 Ultimate Group.

England v France will be a massive video game, but who will come out on top?

SBC Requirements.

Expiration Date: Saturday, 10 December (TBC).

The requirements are as follows:.

Undoubtedly, we’re going to be a bit prejudiced and advise everyone to complete the Luke Shaw SBC, ideally creating some excellent energy for the 3 Lions to get a victory in the quarter-finals match!

FUT players can then bet on which group they believe will win the fixture by finishing the corresponding card’s SBC in the hope of a more upgrade.

To start with, 2 cards are launched as Face-off SBS for a limited time for an upcoming component, usually pitting two relatively similarly matched groups against each other that have an essential or fascinating component showing up.

FIFA 23 Showdown SBS are a simple but creative principle, that depends on real-world footballing components and results to figure out upgrades to cards.

Marcus Thu ram (Predicted OR 86).

The requirements are as follows:.

Expiration Date: Saturday, 10 December (TBC).

For the group that wins the component, the matching Showdown SBC card in-game will get a +2 OR Upgrade, while the card from the team that lost the match will remain the very same rating.

Estimated Cost-TBC.


Approximated Cost-TBC.

Luke Shaw (Predicted OR 86).

Start Date: Thursday, 8 December (TBC).

SBC Requirements.

Face-off Items Described.

More information to follow.

More info to follow.

Start Date: Thursday, 8 December (TBC).

When the SBC expires and the video game is played, the Showdown SBC cards get upgrades based upon the result of the fixture.

Both cards will receive a +1 OR Upgrade if the component results in a draw.