As you pass the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, sooner or later you will meet Aegis and find yourself in the slums of the fifth sector.


When you enter this area, the child will steal your wallet, and you must track it down.
When you do this, you will have a choice: get a wallet or buy a medicine for a child.
This may make you think about whether you should return your wallet or buy a medicine in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

What to choose: buy a child a medicine or return a wallet in Crisis Core?

We recommend that you choose the purchase of children a drug when a request with this choice in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core appears.
Regardless of your choice, you will have to face the monster and return the wallet.
But if you first choose the medicine, you will receive an additional increase in the affection of Aegis.
The choice of the return of the wallet by the monster also give love, but the amount is less.
This will be useful for breaking the limit and mini-games with potions.
So you must get a medicine before fighting a monster in order to maximize the affection of Aegis.
You can simply not buy medicines and immediately go to the playground to fight the monster.
If you do this, you will miss only a few points of affection.
But we prefer Lebanon that Zach is burying the medicine in order to impress Aegis.
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