World of Warcraft has been around for almost 15 years and is still a popular game. That’s why Blizzard has recently released the cinematic, the ending of the last content patch.

The very first guilds have actually currently won the last fight versus Nazareth in WoW: Dragon Trip.
Right here you can see the Cinematic, which is after that shown.
In World of Warcraft, the very first season of Dragon Flight begins today, on December 14, 2022.
In America, it started yesterday evening, to ensure that lots of guilds have already mastered the raid in regular.
This is gone along with by the typical end cinematic, i.e. a video clip sequence that is played at the end of the fight.
This can be seen in the Cinematic: The cutscene plays quickly after the slaughterhouse has actually been done to direct and also defeat the storm-eaten woman in her barriers.
The initial incarnation of the tornado is dead on the ground, Hangar and also Kale care satisfied that the threat was apparently stopped.
The happiness just lasts briefly, since in the history it glows endangering.
The prison of the various other initial versions has taken way too many damages as well as crumbled over the training course of the battle.
Progressively, the other 3 original versions are devoid of their millennia-old prison:
Tyrant (frost).
Frank (fire).
Gridiron (earth).
Gridiron reveals that every person who has betrayed the essence of the dragons will certainly feel our rage.
Alec acknowledges that he has no opportunity of winning this fight with each other with Hangar and also the heroes existing.
The two magicians act a spell and teleport themselves (as well as the raid group) in the last 2nd.
The urine carnations are freed and Nazareth had the ability to implement their plan-if it also cost them their lives.

What does this mean for the future of WOW?
With the Cinematic, Snowstorm introduces relatively directly what the next huge employers of Dragon Flight will be-namely the three continuing to be original versions that are currently falling over the dragon islands.


From today, the Primitive Storm occasions start everywhere, where you can fight elementary and also can make some incentives.
Just how do you like the little video at the end of the raid?
Fascinating that Snowstorm is taking such a noticeable path this time?
What are your ideas?