World of Warcraft: The first season of the Warcraft (Dragon flight) starts, and the Vault of the Incarnates of the newly raids will open today.
Primitive drivers led by storm predators broke into the vault of the Shin shin, and Zeroth’s warriors should face a new threat in a new raid with eight heads.


The new raids are open from the beginning with mythology, heroes, and general difficulty at once, which has been the first since the introduction of mythology in World of Warcraft.

At the same time as the new raid opening, the players can enjoy various contents such as the new myth+ dungeon list and new rewards.

The main feature of the season is as follows.

Myth+ 1 Season 1 Dungeon List
Ruby Life’s Puddle (Ruby Life Pools)
The Noshed offensive
The Azure Vault
Halls of Valor (Legion Expansion Pack)
Court of STARS (Legion Expansion Pack)
Shadow Moon Burial Grounds
Temple of the Jade Serpent, Mandarin’s Fog Expansion Pack

New myth+ attribute: thundering
The enemy’s vitality increases by 5%.
During the battle, the player periodically caught up in the endless storms of Lavages, overcharging by the power of primitive.
There is a great risk to this force, and if it is not released quickly, the result is a distant result.

Four new outdoor heads: each new head is converted every week in the order listed below.
Bastion (The Shale Wing)
Manual, The Dreaded Flame
Future Riskscanos (Liskanoth, The Future bane)
Strongman, The Sky’s Misery

Inspiration Catalyst is also open
The catalyst of inspiration, which was conceived by reference to the catalyst of the creation of the dark land, will be opened in the second half of the season.
This system allows you to convert items that are not set areas to set items at the same item level.

For more information on the first season of the Yong gun, new raids, outdoor heads, myths+ and players’ combat rewards, and the opening schedule of the raid search, visit the World of Warcraft website.