Do you remember the first time you decided to create a potion for yourself in the game Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator? As soon as all the ingredients had been combined, your stomach churned and your limbs grew heavy. You were poisoned! In this game, which is based on a role-playing board game called Mage Wars, players slip into the role of an alchemist who decides on arrival in a new city to make potions made with various plants and herbs that they gather throughout their journey.

In Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator, the gamers slip into the role of an alchemist who chooses to open his own magic store after his arrival in a brand-new city.
As a skilled alchemist, you will be able to produce a wide range of dishes, from those who concentrate on recovery to those who concentrate on killing.
However, how can you make a potion with numerous results?
In order to address this and more and awaken the alchemist in them, here you can discover out how to make a potion with numerous impacts in Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator.

how to make a potion with numerous effects in potion craft

In order to produce a drink with numerous results in potion craft: alchemist simulator, you just need to make sure that you develop two different effects throughout the process, an output that you can attain by brewing 2 types of potions with a recipe.
You can do this in the video game by utilizing the best active ingredients to ensure that 2 potions are contained in a single course.
After this has actually been said, for new players the easier potion with double effect is the potion of the healing and frost, which can be made from 1x Terr aria, 1x Water bloom, 1x Wild bloom and 1x Water bloom, everything is crushed and included to this order.
After you have put all the active ingredients in the boiler, just go through the path and add the results if readily available to make it as you can see listed below.

To summarize it again, here is how to drink the healing and frost in potion craft: alchemist simulator:
Get 1x Terr aria, 1x Water bloom, 1x wild blue and 1x Water bloom.
More the components individually and put them in the boiler in this order.
Mix the components up until you reach the potion of healing.
Brew any recovery potion.

  • Continue the active ingredients till you reach the frost node.
  • Brew the potion of healing and frost.
  • Pick the consumed to include the potion to your inventory.


You can currently play potion: Alchemist simulator on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC through Video Game Pass, Gog and Steam.
– This post was upgraded on December 15, 2022