Video game company Ubisoft has confirmed that its The Division maker, Ubisoft Massive, is among the studios working on a Star Wars project.

As was revealed in early 2021, the The Department maker of Ubisoft Huge is also among the studios who are working on a Star Wars task.
Apart from the fact that we are dealing with an open world title that will tell a completely brand-new story in the Star Wars universe, no concrete details have so far been mentioned.
The Swedish studio offered us with a brand-new sign of life with the statement that players are presently searching for players who participate in local or internal play tests.
According to the Ubisoft, enormous play testers, which are situated near the studio based in Malmö, are preferred.
A statement that needs to indicate that the Star Wars task is making matching development behind the scenes.


project according to the developer details in an early phase

When the main unveiling of the title can be expected, it is still uncertain.
For the foreseeable future, nevertheless, we should not depend on concrete details or first impressions.
While Ubisoft or the designers of Ubisoft Massive, in the past, explained several times that the job is still in an early phase of development, the insider Tom Henderson, which is thought about to be well-networked, explained in the spring and spoke of the reality that the Star Wars
Ubisoft Massive title is still several years away.
I didn’t take Ubisoft’s Star Wars video game here since I believe that this is probably the title that is most far-off from the publication and that we can probably consider it in 2025 at the earliest, said Henderson in March of this year.
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Info that has not yet been formally verified.

The new Star Wars project from Ubisoft Huge is likely to appear for the PC, PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S.
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