The update of Balsams Mist lands added a lot of new items, including weapons, armor and new resources, but one of the less known additions is the ballista.
However, it is difficult to build a ballista in Latham, since you need to collect hard-to-reach resources and create certain items.

How to make a ballista in Latham

To make a ballista in Latham, you will need 10.
Black-metal, 10.
Yggdrasil wood three mechanical springs.
In addition to the requirements for resources, you will need one workbench located nearby.
Here you can find all the necessary resources for the ballasts listed below:
How to make black metal-to make Black Metal in Latham, you must first assemble the Black Metal Scrap.
You can get Black Metal by killing goblin-like enemies in the plain biome.
These enemies are called Rulings you can find them wandering around or inside the Full and Village.
After you get Black Metal Scrap, you can turn it into Black Metal by throwing it into a domain furnace.
How to make mechanical springs-to make mechanical springs, you will first need a craftsman table.

If you already have an Artisan table, you can make springs using one cleaned at and three iron ingots.
Where to find the forest Iggdrasil-to find and collect the Yggdrasil forest, you must go to the foggy lands.
Inside the boom of foggy lands, you can collect the wood of Yggdrasil by cutting down the shoots of Yggdrasil.
The shoots of Yggdrasil grow high on the rocks and often near the ancient luminous roots.

How to use a ballista in Latham

By creating a ballista in Latham, players can use it as a protective turret to destroy enemies next to their base.
However, players should place the ballista only in the region, they will not pass.
In short, Ballista is aimed at both players and hostile/neugustful mobs.
We recommend placing the ballista behind the walls and make an alternative entrance so as not to fall under the bolts of ballista.
You must also make bolts from black metal ballista and load them into ballasts before you can use ballasts to protect your base.

How to place a ballista in Latham

It is simple to place a ballista in Latham, like most objects in the game.


In short, you need a hammer installed on your hot bar, and click with a hammer in your hand with the right mouse button to open the assembly menu.
Having opened the assembly menu, find the ballista to the Miscellaneous tab.
In the Miscellaneous section, find the ballista, select it, and then click with the left mouse button to put it on the ground.
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