Playbooks Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Kwang-yeol) announced on the 21st that it has launched a large-scale update of the Guys aria port for the 4th anniversary of the service of Mobile MMORPG Dark Eden M.

In this large-scale update, △ new regional Austria port △ Maximum growth level 120 △ new monster △ new equipment △ new growth content sanctuary will be added, △ reorganization of occupational/race skill balance △ reorganization of labyrinth dungeons △ expansion of sentence △ top
Various game systems and content, such as adding class, will be strengthened.

In addition, the company has improved to grow to level 90 through optimization of early level-up experience and hot time event.
In particular, the reorganization of the growth support compensation is reorganized, so you can obtain a hero-grade equipment item 8 sword 6-set full set.

In addition, Dark Eden M opened a new server Austria with a large update on the 21st.
In line with this update, a new server plans to provide users with a more pleasant play environment and fresh competition.


In addition, Dark Eden M will hold seven kinds of events from 21st to January 17, 23 to commemorate the 4th anniversary large update.
△ Hero, I’ll just give you the 4th anniversary ~!
△ 4th anniversary party attendance △ doubled mission compensation △ step-by-step mission △ event dungeon △ Hot time event will be held, and various compensation can be obtained along with the fun of participating in the event.

For more information on the update, please visit the Dark Eden M official café.