After Thursday’s upgrade, the Jokers are again part of the NHL 23-game team selection.
The Joker it Association has made an interesting deal with the EA Sports, which will make Joker’s outfits come back on February 2, at about 18:00.
Home and guest gambling outfits in the season 22-23 are included in the EASEL and Hockey Ultimate Team.
Since then, the Jokers, which have since been hockey in the Russian KHL League for years, has last been in the 2013 NHL 14 game.
The Jokers have submitted an application for a position in the Testis season 2023-2024.
The Jokers are still one of the most famous and most emotional hockey brands in Europe. It’s great to offer Jokers junior players and the entire Jokers’ community with the opportunity to represent their team in the NHL 23, says EA Sports: In Sr.
International Marketing Manager Jason Nikki.
The launch video released in honor of the Joker’s return shows team fans from Villa Ally to a tuber Jaczko Partial.
This video clip is embedded at the end of the news.


In addition, the Jokerit-themed Easel Thursdays broadcast will be held on Twitch on Thursday at 8:30 pm.
NHL 23 is available for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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