The Korea Game Industry Association operated ‘Startup with NC K-GAMES Joint Hall’ at the Taipei Game Show B2B Hall from February 2 to February 3.
The booth, which was sponsored by NC soft’s win-win activities, was supported by the startup game company recommended by the local global game hub center.
One of them was ‘On Dot’, which licenses famous IPs at home and abroad based on casual games.

Founded in 2018, ‘On Dot’ was first starting with the casual game ‘Kit Kat Story’.
It was a simple type of game that made a variety of clothes on cats and placed it with props to create its own cats and take the best shots, but it was better than expected by climbing Google Film and exceeding 500,000 downloads.
Since then, he has been focusing on the genre of ‘dress up’, a type that constantly changes casual, especially for characters and decorates characters.

▲ After developing a 3D shooting action game, I turned to the cost problem and released the dress up game ‘KitKat Story’.
On-dot did not move in that direction from the beginning.
Park Jiang, CEO of On-Dot, recalled that he was initially thinking about developing 3D shooting action.
However, developing 3D shooting action games was more cost than I thought, and it was judged that the risk was great for investing too long.


So I turned to the direction, and as the result was achieved, stories with various IP companies came and went.

Of course, cooperation with IP companies was not easy.
After performing in the dress-up game, Park Jiang visited his partner by actively participating in the domestic and overseas licensing fair as well as game-related events.
He also focused on expanding his luck in casual genres, not limited to dress-ups.

Thus, the ‘Glittering Moon’ and ‘Secret Just’ were partnered with various IP holders such as ‘Secret Just’ and made casual games using them.
Currently, we are preparing a town simulation game using the Bread Barber Shop IP.

▲ Not only dress-up games using domestic animation IP

In order to create a game of various IPs, we needed to make high quality, as well as to study each work in detail.
I was worried about what to combine. Furthermore, I needed to think about what the game is suitable for the IP and to develop it.

On-dot, which has been developed mainly in the domestic IP, was not only introduced in Korea, but also introduced them abroad, while participating in the Taipei Game Show to expand to partnerships with overseas IP.
Representative Park Jiang said, We want to collect the reactions of overseas users and companies at the Taipei Game Show, and to develop our capabilities so that our IP games can be widely known abroad.
I will be a great partner to shine together.