Maxence Delacroix lost his nerves after his substitution after his replacement after about thirty minutes.
As the television cameras revealed, the main defender rioted in the wolves’ cabin tract.
In the pictures it was plainly recognizable how Delacroix ran in the instructions of the Wolfsburg catacombs and struck the wall.

After a couple of seconds, Joshua Guilavogui hurried and reassured the French to encourage him that he was sitting on the bench with his teammates.
With success.
It also remains open what Delacroix’s anger resulted.
It was presumably a mixture of its replacement and the clear deficit (0: 3).
In addition, he had lost the definitive header battle versus Thomas Müller at his objective to 3-0 for Bavaria.
VFL coach Nike Kovacs responded to the 3 early objectives by eliminating Delacroix in the 30th minute and replaced it by midfielder Jakub Kaminski.
He likewise converted the system from a 5 chain from a five-on-one.
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As an outcome, the wolves in fact acquired more control and made the connection quickly before the break.
The scorer: Delacroix detachment Kaminski.