In the sunshine, the helpers took the snow masses from the stands the day before the World Cup start, while in the still deserted biathlon arena, the training shots hit their pieces.
Just believing about thousands of German fans in the arena and the goosebumps’ environment in Oberon was already passionate about Olympic champ Denise Herrmann-Wick.
House World Cup is a big thing for all of Germany, stated the nation’s best ski hunter.
Prior to the start on Wednesday (2:45 p.m./ ZDF and Eurosport) with the Combined season, expectations are big.
It’s another pressure. I believe you just need to handle it well, then it fits, stated Vanessa Vogt, who will lead the German quartet as a start runner.
Herrmann-Wick, Benedict Doll and Roman Sees are also over 4 x 6 kilometers.
We did whatever to enter the World Cup well, said Herrmann-Wick and wished in Thuringia a similar ambience as last summer season at the European Champions of the summer professional athletes in Munich.
That was great. It would be cool if we could do it.

no medal requirements from the nationwide coach

Naturally, the ex-world champ understands that German successes are absolutely needed.


A medal would be the perfect beginning signal in 9 competition days with an overall of twelve decisions.
But valuable metal have actually not wished to count the hosts at the very first World Cup in their own country for eleven years.
We have actually not issued a medal spec, said national coach Mark Kirchner, who stays loyal to his line in his home.
Since the World Cup is not that special.
It is made unique, but I put it away, stated Kirchner: In the end, the ten kilometers are still ten kilometers long. We are well advised not to hang up the knapsack.
Due to the fact that others make this great and hope for similar festivals as in 2012 in Upholding or in 2004 in Oberon.
The previous world title fights in Germany attracted a total of more than 200,000 fans, now there are said to be over 150,000.
As much as 27,500 every day, and millions might come back to the TV sets.
The entire sports center was elaborately improved for 40 million euros.
If there are 20,000 to 25,000, which mostly cheer us on, it can push exceptionally, said sports director Felix Bitter ling: If we are good, we can trigger a small biathlon boom. This is our goal. We will defend it and provide whatever.

The leading favorites originate from Norway

However the competitors is massive.
The times of German series triumphs like Magdalena Neuter or Laura Dahlia are long gone.
There is a broad cloud nine for females, in which the 34-year-old Saxon Herrmann-Wick is one of the fellow favorites in every race and the Thuringia Vanessa Vogt could cause surprises.
In the guys, Johannes Thingies BO is the gold preferred every start in the 1600-inhabitant neighborhood and is most likely to be the big star on the Bernstein.
Overall, it is also the Norwegians that the German hopeful Benedict Doll and Co.
Individuals are just waiting for my failure, and they will say it is the most significant when it occurs, stated Norwegian BO, who had the ability to win eleven out of 14 seasonal races.
As the very first male ski hunter, he might win seven World Cup medals in seven races in Oberon, and the Women prospered Olsen Roseland in Anthony in 2020.
The Norwegian, who is married to the German female’s co-coach Serve Olsen Roseland, might likewise become a medal collector again.
If you are at peace with yourself, you can put pressure into something positive, stated Herrmann-Wick: We desire it to be a cool atmosphere, this can ensure that professional athletes are growing beyond themselves.

Only if that takes place will it be a World Cup, which is stylish for the hosts.
In the last 2021 on the Slovenian Polka there were a great deal of top ten places, but also only specific silver for the already resigned And Gaffer and relay silver for the females.
I think that there is a chance in every race and our professional athletes can get involved. You have to see whether it is long for a medal, stated Gaffer of the DPA before the World Cup begin.
The 35-year-old Olympic champion in 2018 is an expert on the ARD on website, similar to double Olympic champion Dahlia for ZDF.
The 29-year-old Bavarian mainly thinks in relay medals: I have the sensation that there is a lot possible.

Herrmann-Wick: It will be unique

The fans need to likewise assist.
After 2 years of ghost occasions without spectators since of the Corona pandemic, they return to the stands in Oberon.
Currently, at the World Cup home video game in Upholding in January there was a foretaste of what difference they might make and drove the Germans forward.
Now it will be much louder and more psychological.
It will be unique, said Herrmann-Wick.
The paths in the Thuringia Forest are ready for the highlight of the season.
If there was hardly any snow and expensive temperature levels after the turn of the year, the arena on the Bernstein is deeply snowed, the trails are completely prepared.
And even if it must be warmer as anticipated in the 2nd World Cup week, there are no problems.
The depots are well filled with practically 40,000 cubic meters of artificial snow.
Biathlon World Cup 2023 in Oberon: schedule, routes, TV