Hogwarts Legacy returns to visit the world of Harry Potter, although centuries before the main story takes place.
In your adventure, you will find many witches and magicians with which you can interact, while looking to improve your magical talents in this open world RPG.


Given that background information, is Hogwarts legacy a MMO?
This is what you need to know about the last magical adventure.

Is Hogwarts Legacy a MMO?

To answer the question, Hogwarts Legacy is not a MMO, since it is an experience for a single player.
Avalanche Software imagined that its magical world would be like that, and as described in the frequent questions of Hogwarts Legacy, this title is only for a player without cooperative or multiplayer aspects in mind.

If it was outside the circuit for some time, it is easy to confuse Hogwarts Legacy with the title MMO of Harry Potter that EA was in the process of assembling.
Unfortunately, that mosaic was canned, and Harry Potter games saw some sleep until Hogwarts Legacy arrived.
While borrowing some light elements of the MMO titles, such as aspects of role-playing games and open world environments, this title is strictly for a player, which can be disappointing news for fans looking for more magic
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That is all you need to know about Hogwarts Legacy and if it is a MMO or not.
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