You can take a look at the complete event schedule details on the main Magic: The Gathering site. And if you’re interested in discovering more about the metagame for Anorexia All Will Be One requirement, examine out the ingrained video below.


MTG Arena is hosting many events to celebrate the launch of the set, including a rebuilt Historic Brawl occasion where players can make Manga Planes walker card styles as a benefit. Other events will include Completely Outmatched, the Requirement Metagame Difficulty, and more.

Anorexia has a long history as an antagonistic aircraft in the Magic Multiverse, and the cards here in Anorexia All Will Be One continue that style as the Physicians have taken control of the previous aircraft of Mirroring. Hell-bent on Completing whatever to soak up into the Physician hive mind, this drive is clearly shown on cards returning as far as Kanagawa: Neon Dynasty, which saw the very first Completed Planes walkers take spotlight.

The latest set in the long line of releases, Magic The Gathering Arena sees Anorexia All Will Be One drop on the digital card game today ahead of its physical release later on this week.

The brand-new Anorexia All Will Be One set brings brand-new cards and mechanics to the Standard format, such as Harmful which deals normal damage and poison counters to charge into victory. Furthermore, Proliferate makes a return to Requirement, allowing gamers to include counters to any gamer or long-term that has them-including those dreaded toxin counters.