A magician will not go very far without his wand, and such is its importance as a tool for any spell pitcher that exist all kinds of customization options to customize them.
Here is what the flexibility of the wand means and why it is important in Hogwarts Legacy if you are confused about mechanics.

What is the flexibility of the wand in Hogwarts Legacy?

The flexibility of the wand in Hogwarts Legacy literally refers to how flexible and malleable is.
There are some wands that are very elastic, while others do not bend at all.
This is just an aesthetic property of the game, a customization function that does not change your game experience at all.
It simply changes the appearance and movement of the wand.
Actually, this is a different meaning than JK Rowling refers to Warding World, in which he explains that the flexibility or rigidity of the wand denotes the degree of adaptability and willingness to change that the wand has and the owner…

What is the best flexibility of wand?

Again, none of the above matters in Hogwarts Legacy.

Actually, it doesn’t matter how flexible your wand.
Your wand will not suddenly decide to abandon the ship and match another magician, and the strength of your spell launch is not affected if you choose a very whip or inflexible.
The material you use as a nucleus does not make any tangible difference.
Everything is a matter of cosmetics, as well as changing your appearance in the game.
That said, of course, there are customization elements in Hogwarts Legacy that make a big difference in your game experience and in the strength of your magician.
These include what talents use,
That does why the flexibility of the wand means and why it is important in Hogwarts Legacy.
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