The 20-year-old revealed this on Thursday via Twitter.
Through the short message service, he let his fans understand that he fell from an scooter and injured his left hand.
Hand sprained and your palm open, he could have the consequences of the bad luck together that might have bitter consequences for him.

two important tournaments in risk

Due to the fact that at the weekend the 2nd qualifier of the FIFA Global Series (FGS) is pending, in which ‘UMT’ in fact wanted to collect essential qualification points on the method to the World Cup play-offs.
At the very first qualifier, the very best German, it now looks like that he will miss the second occasion.
But that’s not all: the Champions League is also on the brink.
This must start for Bulletin a week after the 2nd qualifier with the group phase.
As a reigning world champion, he was one of the fellow favorites on the title of the offline competition, which will happen in London.


How long ‘UMT’ will fail is uncertain.
With regard to the next two major appointments, nevertheless, he did not provide himself particularly optimistic.
Don’t understand how to play, he said that he was rather not having the ability to participate.