Respawn and EA have finally announced season 16 for Apex Legends and seems to be a season that will change the game.
With this announcement of a new season that will arrive at Apex Legends, they have also presented the trailer to show the players what content they have reserved for the next season.

In addition to the trailer, EA has also made a press release on specific details of its plan for next season.
Taking into account that Apex Legends season will surely change the game, Respawn has also released a daily development video to provide details about the changes they have planned for this next season.
Respawn developers explain the changes they plan to make.
The new Apex Legends season is called Guerra and this will be the 16th season of the game from its beginning.
Unlike the previous seasons, Respawn will not present a new legend on the list.


Instead, they will focus on renewing the current list.
This decision is due to the fact that some of the oldest legends are beginning to get older and cannot follow the current rhythm of metajuego.
As a result, playing some of these older legends has begun to become obsolete and not so fun because other legends are simply better in everything they do.
That said, they have decided to rework many of these older legends, especially those that appeared first…