HBO’s episode 5 of The Last of Us presents the memorable characters Henry and Sam, who played an emotionally heavy role in the game again.
Some changes in HBO adaptation were made to give more depth and impact to these characters, including the decision to leave Sam Sold.
This means that Sam has had to find ways to communicate with people during the apocalypse other than sign language, and are often seen writing messages to those around him using a device.
If you wonder what this strange device was, we have everything you need to know about what Sam was writing in The Last of Us of HBO.

What does Sam write in The Last of Us of HBO?

The device that Sam uses to write and communicate with others is a Magic Slate Paper Saver. These are popular toys for children who date back to the 1920s and allow children to write or draw on an acetate page with an optical pencil
and then delete the page lifting it.
This saves the discomfort of cleaning art materials and having loose drawings that occupy space.
This would have been a nostalgic setback for many spectators, considering that the program is set in an apocalyptic version of our modern 2023.
Our world is so digitally connected that toys as this have seen a decrease in use due to devices such as an iPad., Which can do everything Magic Slate Paper Saver can do in addition to other hundred tasks.

However, if our world was a victim of the Codices virus, an iPad soon lost its practicality, since it lacks constant energy to keep it loaded.
In addition, these things can be quite heavy, so it would not be ideal to carry in a limited space backpack.
However, something like Magic Slate Paper Saver is perfect for the post-political world.
There is no need for a power supply, it is light to transport and there is no need to replace it.
One would simply lift the page to restart and rewrite.
Sam is lucky to have stumbled with one of these, since it really has been the perfect communication device.
That is all you need to know about what Sam was writing in The Last of HBO.


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