Hogwarts Legacy is out, and the critics are thrilled!
The magical open world does not have a specific feature and the opportunity to play quidditch.
Reason enough to require a remake of Harry Potter: Quidditch World Champion!

no quidditch in Hogwarts Tradition

Harry Potter fans had to be client for a long period of time, now the time has finally come: Hogwarts Legacy is now available!
Offered you purchased the Deluxe Edition or the Collectors Edition.
The routine release, on the other hand, does not occur until February 10, 2023.
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Hogwarts Tradition: Find digital deluxe material and pre-order perk
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The beginning signal for console players, who have actually had the ability to check out the magical world because then and discover all sorts of spells, was offered no o’clock.
Just one important thing from the books and films is missing out on: the opportunity to play Quidditch!
This truly weeps out for a remake of Harry Potter: Quidditch World Championship.
The sports game was launched in 2003 for PlayStation 2, the Nintendo Game cube, the Xbox and the PC.
Hogwarts Tradition (PlayStation 5).
EUR 71.13 for Amazon.
The cost might be higher now.
Price from 07.02.2023 01:50 a.m. In the spin-off you pick a country, consisting of the USA, Japan and even Germany and after that start with your group in the title-giving Quidditch World Champion.
There is everything about goals, dangerous gossip and the golden treat.


Naturally, Hogwarts’ home groups can likewise be played.
However, these serve more as a tutorial and can not participate in the World Cup.
Our colleagues from game tips have actually tested Hogwarts Tradition in detail:.
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Hogwarts Legacy in the test.
An enchanting excellent action-RPG.

How likely is a remake?

The video game got more blended at the time, 69 percent on Metacritic, today it is a genuine fan favorite.
Which is also due to the reality that there was never ever a comparable video game that focused on the uncommon sport.

And even if there is no proof of a possible remake (up until now), a new edition would still be preferable.
Because Quidditch doesn’t matter in Hogwarts Tradition, precisely.
Simply picture what such a game would appear like on PlayStation 5 today-with contemporary graphics and some modifications in terms of the gameplay.
Just please without a FIFA-typical microtransactions.