The State Criminal Police Office warns of new hackers: First the Facebook profiles are hacked, then they spread illegal content about it.
Dortmund-The State Criminal Police Office (LKA) Lower Saxony has been watching a new Hacker mesh on Facebook for months.
First you try to get the access data for the Facebook accounts through so-called phishing.
After that, the perpetrators then distribute forbidden content via these profiles.
If you are affected, you should report this immediately-otherwise the investigators could soon be on your own front door.

LKA warns of new phenomenon on Facebook: Those affected have no control over their account

For several months, the cases have been increasing using Facebook in the spread of children’s pornographic material, LKA Lower Saxony says.
Therefore, they now warn Facebook users of this new phenomenon.
After the perpetrators have gained access to the Facebook account through hacking or phishing emails, the following happens: Child pornographic content is spread over the account.
On the other hand, you are completely powerless.
Once adopted, access to your own account is no longer possible for the owner, T-Online writes.
Even the content posted by the hackers cannot therefore be deleted.

Facebook users threaten criminal complaint: Those affected have to calculate

If illegal content is posted on Facebook, the group blocks the account.
The content is first forwarded to the Federal Criminal Police Office and then to the responsible state criminal office (more digital news at ).
There, the first investigations for possession or distribution of children’s or youth pornography are initially managed against the respective Facebook account holder, explains the LKA Lower Saxony in a press release.
If it turns out that the account owner became the victim of a hacking attack, the investigation can still change.


Not only your own social media accounts can be affected by hacker attacks, but also your own Wi-Fi.
The risk can be hacked with little effort, but simply reduce.

Police advises: This is how you can protect yourself from hacker attacks and protect their consequences

Those who follow these three things not only minimize the risk of being hacked.
A criminal complaint can also be avoided.
How to set up a two-factor authentication on Facebook can be found in the settings under Protection and safety of your account.
If the function is activated, you get an additional code for logging into the account.
Rubric list picture: © Jakub Korzybski / Imago