The terms dream cast and virtual reality will no longer rhyme with UNC infinite.
If it is certainly (still) less known than the title of Betsy Mizuguchi, Cosmic Smash however dates from the very same age and will make its return as a PlayStation VR2 video game this year.
News of three lines dating from April 11, 2001, here is all that can be drawn from the archives of Gamut worrying Cosmic Smash, a video game which we were most likely to meet the roadway to its Naomi arcade terminal than to portage
Dream cast, the latter being released only in Japan unlike the arcade game which was dispersed in European rooms.
Envisioned by the Sega Ross team, this title with refined and surrealist graphics provides a mix in between a racket sport (the squash) and a game of Brillo.
An instant principle and it appears effectively cut for virtual reality;
We can already imagine the need to dosage the power of the shot and the trajectory of the ball by being fully associated with the action.
If the video game is still under SEGA license, C-SMASH VRS is the concept of a brand-new publisher called Rapideyemovers which called on the studio Wolf & Wood (The Last Worker, another game expected on PS VR2) to make this return
in virtual truth.
The graphic designer Cory Schmitz and the artistic director Rob Davis are in the blow, just like the artists Ken Ishim (UNC Infinite, desired) and Analogue in addition to the sound designer Dan Presley (Alba: A Wildlife Experience).
Like the developments of a Mizuguchi, the developers promise an experience of pure synesthesia while praising the sporting dimension of a title which must make it possible to restore the taste of adrenaline.
The owners of a PS VR2 will have the ability to download a playable demo of C-SMASH VRS on the PlayStation Store from March 23, 2023. VRS meaning versus, the demo will be playable solo in training mode or versus another online gamer.

The multiplayer (which will also be cooperative) was likewise doing not have in the original game, on Naomi as on Dream cast.
The chance also to feel what the haptic return and the detection of the fingers of the Sense controllers bring to the game.

C-SMASH Pre-announce of the video game on PS VR2