The event Tears of Themes and Kisses of the Butterfly is held from February 14, 2023, until February 24, 2023, and is open to all lawyers.
During the event, you can take part in the game with tile turning, which will open MR, in which the main character kisses (or licks) your hand.
You can get all four MR events, but you should spend S-chips-read the breakdown of the cost below to decide whether to spend or save.

How to go through the event of the tears of Themes kisses of the butterfly

Go to the event menu and select the kisses of the butterfly at the bottom of the screen to open the page.
You will face a difficult solution: to choose what a male role you want to unlock first.
You will receive an MR card corresponding to the male leadership you have chosen after turning all 25 tiles on each bingo map, but you cannot change it halfway.
As always, it is best to choose a favorite male role.
Click on the currency counter in the lower left corner of the event page to open the tasks of the event.
They are divided into daily and one-time tasks.
Pay attention to the red timer and determine the priorities of performing daily tasks so as not to miss.
All tasks will reward you with the currency of an event called chocolate heart with the help of which you can turn the tiles on the bingo card.
S-chips can also be used instead of chocolate hearts in a ratio of 1: 1.
Each tile is worth the X100 chocolate heart to make a somersault.
When you make vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, you get additional awards located around the map boundaries.


As soon as all 25 tiles are turned upside down, you will receive the MR you have chosen, and you can start a new card with another MR.
The completion of all four cards (100 tiles) will reward you with a limited business card called holiday-kisses of a butterfly.
The implementation of all tasks of the event will bring you 1,500 chocolate hearts.
You can also get 100 chocolate hearts by intrastate mail for free.
In total, this gives you x1600 free chocolate hearts you need to get 2500 for one MRT for one free.
See division of expenses below, provided that you have completed all the tasks of the event:
You can get compensation in the amount of 200 S-chips for each completed Bingo card (diagonal awards), 200 S-chips for tossing 50 tiles and another 200 S-chips for tossing 75 tiles.
Assuming that you are aimed at all four MR, you can save 1200 S-chips, so the total number will decrease to 7200.
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