Ancestors: The Odyssey of Man does a remarkable job by putting Accent on the discovery and lapping both for the character of the great hominid monkey and for the human player.
As the game advances and the players help their characters to learn and deepen their knowledge, players must also discover the same methods by trials and errors.
The only difference is that players can do it safely instead of being hunted by giant eagles and jumping from tree to tree.
Because the game allows players to learn with the character, understanding the world of the game can be both fun and frustrating.
As a human player, you want to make a spear, you have this idea in your very human mind, but unlike a survival game in which you embody a human and unlock the spear, you have to teach your monkey to make one.
However, you do not know the game mechanisms to create one, which forces you to play as confused and chaotic as chimpanzee.
But the internet exists!

How to create and use tools:

Crafting Tools is mainly a test and an error.
You will have to need to be able to exchange items from a hand to the other, but the game gives you a fairly early.
In order to make a sharp stick, you must first find a dead branch and study it.
Once this is in your memory, you can modify it.

Changing it depends a bit on the Article.
A dead branch will not break as easily as a slingshot, but it can still break.
Modify a dead branch the body of smaller branches and makes it a stick.
You have a stick!
This is your first real tool!
To use this tool, items stank with salute when you are nearby.
For example, a stick can be used to push a particularly heavy rock.
Everything is indicated in the area.
Let’s go back to this spear.
You will need basalt specifically to sharpen the stick.
Not all rocks are equal in this match.
With the basalt in a hand and the stick in the other, you can change the stick by hitting it with the basalt.
Again, it is a sequence encouraged and, depending on the length of the liquidation, it could break the stick.
If it’s well done, it will take the stick.
As with a lot of things in the game, many discoveries are made by playing and experimenting.


It’s rather true, so continue to experiment and trip in the jungle with this sharp stick.