A new week is right here and the world employer generating on real-time servers later today is Strongman. Take a look at the loot he goes down!

Strongman can be discovered at 82, 76 in On’ ah ran Levels.

1. Strongman, The Sky’s Anguish

Stuntman’s visibility has actually been known to make the skies cry. His tempest energizes the air and wreaks chaos upon the land. Drawn to the wind power, Stuntman currently intimidates the lands and also individuals of the On’ ah ran Levels.

Stuntman Loot

  • Storm shale Cuffs (Towel Wrist).
  • Storm Chaser’s Waist guard (Mail Waistline).
  • Pantyhose of Twisting Winds (Leather Legs).
  • Striders of the Skies’s Torment (Plate Feet).
  • Static-Charged Scale (Trinket).


The loot’s thing degree 395.