At the age of 32, the two-time Champions League victor Bajan Eric ended his football profession.


The Barça proprietor introduced its choice at the old workplace and through Instagram.

After I circumnavigated the globe and returned home, I made one of my most important as well as crucial choice in life: I stop with professional football, said Eric, who also contrasted to superstar Lionel Messi
had been.
He also experienced his most successful time at FC Barcelona with the two-time victory in the premier course.
With his button in summer 2011 to AS Rome, however, a travel-intensive time began, which had actually likewise brought him to the Bundesliga for half a year via Stoke City from the Premier League to 1st FSV Mainz.
Most just recently, Eric had played for Vessel Kobe in Japan.
According to FC Barcelona, he won an overall of 14 titles from all his stations.