At DHL there is now a new service on the website. DHL customers can save a lot of time.

Dortmund-If you want to pick up a package quickly during the lunch break or after work, you sometimes take longer than planned. This is usually due to the fact that queue is announced for the time being. Especially under time pressure, the long waiting time in the branch can be quite annoying. That is why DHL has introduced a new service.

DHL offers new service: This makes waiting times shorter

The innovation is a so-called peak time display. In contrast to the price increases for DHL customers, this should bring a clear advantage.

The advertisement can be found under the link locations, according to a press release. There, customers now not only find the nearest branch, but also see when there are particularly few customers on site (more digital news at Post DHL).

The new service should be structured like a traffic light system: If the signs are on green, consumers can count on a short waiting time, but the number of visitors is high for red, and the waiting time is accordingly longer. The peak display is regularly updated based on the experience so that consumers can better plan their visit.

DHL offers new service: Not only customers should benefit

But the new service should not only be helpful for customers, but also for branch operators. Because these can be used to fill your postal switch more specifically. With a QR code on the back of the receipt, customers also get to the company’s customer assessment portal. This is intended to determine how satisfied consumers are with the new service.

The company itself apparently hopes for a full success: If you know in advance, what waiting time is to be expected can plan better and react more relaxed. Customers do not always feel the same length of waiting. If you are under time pressure, for example, the individually felt waiting time seems longer than the actual, said Philipp Janßen, team leader customer experience branch/packing station from Deutsche Post DHL. This should be avoided by the innovation. However, it remains to be seen whether the customers are so enthusiastic.

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