On the past WWDC 2022, Apple introduced a new generation of its own chips M2, MacOS Ventura, iOS 16, iPados 16 and Watchos 9. Capcom and completely decided to port the residential village on poppies with M1 and M2-the Apple’s own, together with the new API Metal 3, are perfectly suitable For games.

In iOS 16, Lock Scrin was completely redone-now all elements are set up in it, widgets are added. Developers can allow you to insert parts of the interfaces of their programs there-for example, you can monitor the taxi approaching right on the Lock Screens without going to the application. Or watch the results of the match. Surprisingly, you can configure several lok-screens to different situations and easily change them-will change both a set of widgets and the function Do not disturb, at work, etc.

The message application is now more like other messengers-it will be possible to edit posts or delete them from all interlocutors.

Dictation has undergone great changes. Now she works with the screen keyboard, so it is easy to change the wrong word by just pressing it. In addition, the dictation itself arranges punctuation depending on the construction of speech.

The text recognition function appeared in iOS 15, but in the new OS it is significantly improved. Now the text can be highlighted on any static image-photo or video on a pause. Then, with the text, you can perform familiar actions-copying or translation, or search.

In the photo there was an impressive function-cutting the object by touch. The object is recognized by machine learning, and then it can be inserted into other programs-for example, an animal from a photo in the message.

ICLUD has added a new function that allows a group of up to five people to collect photos in the same cloud with equal access and editing rights.

And finally, the Safety Check function allows you to limit access to passwords and geolocation to the face to whom they were previously entrusted. For example, partners often give access to each other to their passwords and whereabouts, but this can become a problem in conflicting. To avoid homemade violence-an extremely common problem-the owner of the device can quickly get rid of an outside observer.

The clock will acquire Watchos 9, which will expand the capabilities of dials and delight lovers of playing sports-it improves the tracking of movements of different parts of the body for more effective training.

The new MacOS will be called Ventura. The main innovation-Stage Manager is an impressive function to arrange open programs on the desktop. The main window is located in the center, and the rest are assembled in a special method in piles on the left, from where it is convenient to get. This is an advanced analogue of Mission Control.

Search Spotlight will become even more productive and more functional. The mail client will improve the search and add several opportunities, like the cancellation of the sent letter (until it has gone). Apple announced that Safari is the fastest and most energy-efficient browser. Now the passwords in it will be replaced by fingerprints and scans of the face, so it will actually be unrealistic to gain access to the account, because such authentication occurs at the decoder level in the owner’s chip. Apple introduces this technology with Microsoft and Google.

The representative of Capcom said the Apple chip is great for games. As evidence, the developers detect the Resident Evil Village on poppies with M1 and M2. In the Ventura itself, the API Metal has been updated up to 3 versions, including modern methods of graphics processing.

In the new M2 (5 Nm) chip will be 20 billion transistors, graphics with a capacity of 3.6 teraflops. The MacBook Air has become the best-selling laptop in the world, and its new version will go with the M2 chip and Magsafe charging, which is easily connected and will not allow the laptop to fall if you hurt the wire. The new model will again be absolutely silent-without a fan. Apple promises 18 hours of playing the video from the battery mode, as well as support for fast charging. The new Air model, together with Pro, will go on sale in July.


IPhone rear cameras can be used in Facetime on poppy-for this iPhone will cling to the poppy display. This will not only get an extremely high-quality image of the speaker, but also give the features of the latter iPhone when talking: tracking the movement of the interlocutor, the effect of the side, the opportunity to see both the interlocutor and the table with the keyboard in front of him, thanks to the wide-angle iPhone chamber.

In the iPados 16, innovations with iOS 16 will be available, as well as a number of special ones. From the MacOS, the tablet will get Stage Manager with the same location of several open programs, as well as joint work on the document and in Safari directly from group messages.