It is the portable gaming PC “ STeam Deck ” released by Valve on February 25, but the user’s request is faster.

Steam Deck Trackpad Basics
Functional Request for STeam Deck Community Page on STEAM The forum has 36 threads at the time of this article. Among them, rewards for keyboards seem to have supported support by community awareness.

Currently the most support is collected, the split track pad typing function installed in the STEAM controller. This feature is a function that can be intuitive with the left and right touch pads installed in the Steam controller, but the STeam Deck with touch pads with the same left and right are not yet implemented.

Besides, there is a need for touch controller functions that can be set by eight macro buttons in addition to standard controller operations, and lock screens such as PCs and smartphones, etc., and so on.

Finally, it is a portable gaming PC that has been released overseas, but if these requests are incorporated, it may be more functional as it is released in Japan.