Continuing the emotions in the wild crack but now in the southern region we had four titans who would seek to move on to the next instance where it would be face-to-face to define who would become the champion of the Latin region.

Team Secret vs eBRO Gaming - Horizon Cup 2021 | EBG vs TS

Starting the southern games, we saw Furious Gaming against Leviathan, a first map that began calmly playing to Farmear and getting gold to benefit from possible items for team fights trusting Thiago “Kite” Rodriguez used a vayne with which they were put in mortal mode getting good low and despite the dragons achieved by ** matias “ek0” wall.

The second map would be a little more even due to the style of play that both teams proposed, waiting for any error to punish as quickly as possible, in the middle part Francisco “Prusher” Junco would be a pillar to keep rivals at bay when using a A Kayle quite fearsome, however, in a team fight by the dragon, the Levianeta better raised the positioning to exterminate its rivals and take 2-0 in the series.

A third map that could be the end of the skull but without letting out the mood put everything in the game, starting to generate pressure for the lanes with the Jax of Facundo “Libra” of Larrosam who did a very good Split Push job and with the selection of kayle again for prusher , the team of furious managed to create a good strategy that put against the ropes to leviathan cutting the first head and leaving the Series 2-1.

When we arrived at the Fourth Map we saw that the Levianeta was not happy with what was happening when seeing the selection of Fizz for Lucas “LMEsh” Tobala who would take the rotations to find murders for his team and manage to teach who was in front of the Fish along with the damage that kite put using Senna gradually began to leave the skull without teeth to hit them a 3-1 and take the pass to the next round.

The second series of the day was put to ace1 face to face against Ebro Gaming starting a first map where we saw the Ninjas team managing to compete as equally in the first minutes of play and wanting to dominate but things were complicated due to Vicente ” Ebudy “SAA who used the sacrifice to be decisive within the fights, managing to turn around in the final fight and get the first victory of the series.

On the second map we saw that That benefited him in a good way and being the turning point inside the map, reaching a lot of space for his team to fight the second scenario.

A third map that put things from scratch, the Lions team was the one who was beginning to bite strongly by achieving a starting advantage that allowed them to take the lanes in a better way, with a fight in Baron that proposed ACE1 And insured by natasha things seemed in favor of the ninjas, the lion was still an advantage but the hunts made Ninja techniques will work better to take victory.

The fourth game was a similar story from the lions that took aggression as its main measure, in a game of wild crack where time goes flying while trying to trace a series when seeing like Joselo “Joselo” To throw all the baron’s lane and in a fight for the dragon play in good way the definitive ones to close the map at minute 12.

Coming at last with a five issue that would be all or nothing to be able to advance within the tournament where tom with a veigago would be quite forceful with the power of the yordle to achieve a very good lane control but Joselo would repeat his great work in the jungle to be able to take the goals brutally and give the end to the stage in favor of Ebro.

So I finished the first day in the southern area of Wild Rift, with large items that were sometimes very fast and other complicated, with defined winners we can expect the following days to remain equally intense to see the most muscular thumbs in the region fight For more.