In World of Warcraft there are dozens of interesting characters with elaborate background stories that go back to Warcraft 3. Over the years, the villains of Warcraft books and the Warcraft games have of course also been implemented in Blizzard’s online role play. Many super important figures from the Lore are far too short or do not get a worthy farewell. The best example in the current expansion of Shadowland is Arthas Menethil .

Many glorious, mighty, waracraft figures, stand around as a Nobody in some dungeons without their true power or importance being recognized in the Warcraft universe. Other examples of this are the old God N’Zoth or Queen Azshara, who at least had their appearance as the final boss of a slaughterhouse and also received an epic boss fight in the case of Azshara. Of course, N’Zoth and Azshara might even deserve their own expansion, but many important Warcraft characters are even worse.

10 Warcraft characters that would have earned more

In our list we take a look at ten Warcraft villains, whose potential Blizzard in WoW either wasted completely, or whose boss fight did not do justice to their character.

Anub’arak ****

Many wow fans probably already know the giant beetle from Warcraft 3: The Frozen Thr1. The Neruber king was revoked by the then Lichkönig Ner’zhul as an undoteter crypt lord and led the undead in the final fight against his own people. Later Anub’arak Illidan’s armed forces and helped Arha’s to get to the frost throne, making Arhas a new Lichkönig. So Anub’arak is an important figure in the lore and super powerful. As a player, you notice little about it in WoW.

The overpowering Neruber king will be sent to the boards by us in the five-player dungeon Azjol-Nerub. Half of the time he buries himself in the ground… Later he gets an appearance as a RAID boss, but in the very unpopular slaughterhouse test of the crusader. There we also fight it in a small, very unspectacular area. The Anub’arak really didn’t deserve that.


First Lichkönig, responsible for the shard world, trainer from Gul’dan and so much more. With this profile, Ner’Zhul would have earned significantly more than a place as a dungeons boss in the shadow moon grave of Wod. Source: Blizzard ner’zhul is the prime example of this list of wow characters. The ORC is not only known for having recovered Anub’arak. His deeds are among the most crucial in the entire Warcraft story. He was the teacher of none other than Gul’Dan, triggered the conflict between the orcs and the Draenei on Draenor, opened a number of unstable portals to Azeroth and thus destroyed the planet that we have known since then.

Kil’jaeden put his soul into the sword and armor, which was later to wear Lichkönig Arha’s Menethil. Much more can not be done in the most important events in Warcraft history .

Instead of giving such an important character in WoW, Ner’Zhul was packed into the five-player dungeon shadow moon gravy in the Warlords of Draenor. In a rather unspectacular struggle, he is defeated by every group that has run and has no appearance later. This means that ner’zhul is the character in WoW for us personally, in which the developers have wasted the most potential .


Malygos was the leader of the blue dragon swarm and the aspect of magic. He wanted to tear the entire magic of Azeroth itself so that mortals could no longer do it. Commissioned by Alexstrasza, the heroes of Azeroth defeat the kite in the slaughterhouse the eye of eternity, where Malygos is the only boss.
Wow: Wagged 10 times! These WoW bosses would have earned more (2) source: Anub’arak actually a cool story and a worthy slaughterhouse for the dragon aspect. However, the fight itself will remember WoW players rather negatively.

Most of the time you are busy shooting Malygo’s servant from flying flying discs. In the final phase, players have to move on the back of a kite and only have a few action keys available. Instead of remembering how cool and powerful the magic dragon was, most players got the hated boss mechanics of Malygos.

World of Warcraft - Trial of the Crusader: Anub'arak (25-Man)


Wow: Wagged 10 times! These WoW bosses would have earned more (4) Source: Blizzard “Oh yes, Loken. This end boss from um, what’s the name of the dungeon again?” So, or something like that, Loken has remembered most WoW players. He suffered a fate similar to Ner’zhu. He was commissioned by the Pantheon to protect Azeroth as the top guard. He led the storm giants, earth giants and the guards Freya, Hodir, Mimiron and Tyr and his brother Thorim, the guard over Yogg-Saron.

With the help of the soul smiths and Uluar, he created the iron dwarfs, iron giants and iron vyrulum, which waged war against the earthen and woke up over the conquered Uhduar. It all sounds pretty important, and it is too. Instead of a worthy background story in the game and maybe a place as a raid boss, he only got a place in a dungeon. Lame!

death swing

Pretty unepish. Instead of against a huge kite, we only fight against his claws in the boss encounter with death swing. Source: Anub’arak Yes, Deathwing was more than enough respect and two end boss fights were even dedicated to him in the Cataclysm extension. However, the big, angry dragon is a prime example of how to mess up an epic character through a laughable boss fight .

With death -swinging back, the developers tried to see what it would look like if you fight on the back of a boss. In the end, the whole mildness didn’t look as epic as the developers had imagined. After the fight on the back of the beast, Deathwing crashed into the water and clawed on a few steep slopes with his claws so that he did not slip into the grinding stream. This scenario must also have sounded incredibly cool in the heads of the developers.

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