Maximum Games announced today that the psychological horror game FOIA: St. Dining Hotel is published next year for Xbox, PlayStation and PC via Steam.

FOBIA - St. Dinfna Hotel - Full Gameplay Walkthrough (Psychological Horror Game)

The game is developed by Pulsar Studios from São Paulo, which send you with FOIA on a captivating trip full of tension and investigations that starts in a decadent hotel that is controlled by a technologically advanced sect.

The sect preaches the combination of science and religion and secretly conducts experiments to improve people who involve genetic changes and parallel realities.

FOIA: St. Dining Hotel Screenshots

Past, present and future collide in a scenario full of puzzles, secrets and conspirators. In search of the truth, you have to explore the different worlds with the camera and defend you against creatures that the hotel corridors besieged and fight for survival.

A demo can already be downloaded and played via Steam.