Respawn Entertainment is constantly optimizing its Battle Royale and normally improving these minor changes the gaming experience and the stability of the game. However, this is not always the case, and the latest update of Apex Legends has led to players in the middle of the game an unusual error code. However, it does not just mean that players are thrown out of their matches – this error code can even occupy them with a ten-minute temporary lock. Luckily, a developer has shared a quick workaround on Reddit.

Reddit user, FlexAtronnn “is only one of several Apex Legends players who have expressed their dismay in the online forum that they randomly thrown out of a live game of Apex Legends and in many cases temporarily blocked for ten minutes after seen the following error code: ‘sh_weapon_cosmetics.nut # 531’

If you look at the text to the error code, it is clear that the problem associated with a weapon cosmetics – and: “rspn_exgeniar” (which in our opinion is the live technical designer Aaron Li, which looks at the credits list of Apex Legends) Highlighted, what to pay attention to players if you want to avoid this problem.

ERROR EasyAntiCheat [Apex Legends] ➤ РЕШЕНИЕ!
“If I read the error message correctly,” Li began to deal with the problem for the time being…, S03 Platinum Gun Charm, do not put a weapon magic on this weapon while using her reactive skin. ‘

Get this error. Someone else? from top legends

So, to clarify things a little… it seems that the error code is caused by players, which cancel a weapon with a reactive skin and the attached S03 Platinum Weapon trailer. This comment would suggest that Respawn Entertainment is aware of the problem, which in turn indicates that a solution comes, but we just do not know exactly.

So if you want to climb in the ranks of Apex Legends without a tailor for a solution, we recommend that you check your weapon cosmetics before you get into a game. While they do that, it could be worthwhile to browse the ranking of Apex Legends for recommendations to the best legends for the job – reactive arms skin or not.