Elongate and Blackjack Studio have developed by the company and have confirmed the official launch date on December 7.

The next-generation SRPG ‘Parkland’ is released in Android and iOS versions, including PC versions. The animation promotion video released with the release date can be found on the official YouTube channel. Through pre-registration, Parkland will provide a lot of rewards such as drawing tickets, gold, and limited borders that can be used after the official launch on December 7.

‘Auckland’ is the next film that Languid is presented in four years, and it tells the story of Via, a princess of the sanctuary who was sentenced to time as soon as he was born with Conklin. ‘Via’ is weak but strong, fighting against the cruel destiny, leaving the journey of adventure against the girl to the queen. In addition, they fight against a strong empire and conflict between reason and emotions. The user can wake up with the Gentiles and travel with Via, traveling to the Change continent, meeting with a variety of colleagues, and recovering the lost memories.

Parkland completely inherited the core play of Lang Gratis, and naturally melted new combat systems in the game as well as classic elements such as attribute and occupational characteristics. In addition, the user can enjoy the game in various ways, such as creating dozens of clear methods using various terrain elements such as trap devices.

The various subquests applied to the game have worked hard to understand the characters and the present of the characters. The user can talk with a bonfire in the camp, communicate with his favorite character, and interact with his own story ending.

‘Auckland’ uses high-definition cartoon rendering technology to increase the freedom of visual transition, while upgrading existing 2D graphics to more sophisticated modeling of 3D graphics to provide high immersion and impact. In addition, domestic luxurious voice actors such as ‘Shin-Woo’ and ‘Kim Hard’ were in charge of more than 50 cuts and scenarios to make the characters of various charms.

In addition to differentiated visuals and play, Parkland provides all-time BGM. In collaboration with Yoko Shimmer, which produced various famous BMS, we invited the Korean-Chinese Music Producers and Musicians to provide a unique and innovative fantasy genre to combine various genres such as symphony, electronic and rock. In addition, music Queen Hayes also participated in the OST ‘Pray’ for Auckland.

As soon as ‘Parkland’ was released, it attracted attention and expectation. In August, the Seoul Pop Culture Convention Seoul offline event attracted many visitors, and during the CBT, it was well received by famous streamers and users. In particular, G-Star 2022, which is coming soon, runs a BTC booth and meets users in person.

An official of the Rung Game said, The development team is doing its best to provide the best game quality to users by focusing on the final modification of the game.


More information about Auckland can be found on the official café, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.