The fact that Real Madrid’s replacement goalkeeper Lenin can also do something was shown in the Moroccan capital Rabat in the State Prince Monday Abdallah this Wednesday night.
Above all in minute 79, when the Ukrainian had a hard time a header up close and hence avoided the 2: 2 in the air for the outright outsider from Egypt.
By the way, that was not the only time that the royal in these semi-finals were defensively in demand.
Which was generally due to the really brave guys of Plenary Cairo.
The players from the Swiss coach Marcel Koller-Hemals 1. FC Cologne, VFL Bochum or Austria-Gingen bravely to work from the start.
Striker Sheriff might have done 1-0 in the 18th minute, but briefly grimaced.
And Mohamed Aisha likewise only missed the objective by hair width (69th), which would likewise have been 2: 2 here.

the great real blade

The reality likewise consisted of that the ball was largely found in the Mauritian ranks in this semi-final and the ruling Champions League winners.
After the very first efforts by Tchouameni (27th), Vinicius Junior (28th) or Rodrigo (29th, post), it took until the 42nd minute before the hull-plagued top club also lacked.
– Maslow.


Present included: Since even if Clearly’s defense man Metal struck the ball, Vinicius Junior, who was typically in the headings, was easily discovered for nowadays and hit carefully by means of the lifter.

hoe, hoe, gate and gate

Quickly after the break, Fed Valverde also attained a kind of preliminary choice after, after initially parried Vinicius degree, with a saucy hook, he had left 2 opponents into the vacuum and casually finished 2-0 (46. ).
This was followed by a clumsy nasty from Camping to Al-Shabab and the charge (65. ), which was sunk by Maalox, to the 1-2 connection, which just produced the scene with Lenin explained at the start.

In these minutes, Real Madrid truly needed to shiver around the previous Bundesliga forces Alba, Rudder and Crews, however captured once again and decided the evening after a weakly awarded Madrid elf (87th) with 2 other great goals.
At first, substitute Dani Cellos and Sagittarius Rodrigo dealt with hack plays in the instructions of 3: 1 (90. +2) before the seconds earlier only thought about to be 4-1 for Vinicius Junior.
The last of the club World Cup was achieved-and in this the Blanco on Saturday (8 p.m., live! At ) will deal with Archival.
The group from Saudi Arabia remarkably defeated Flamenco Rio de Janeiro in the first semi-finals.