The times when the well-known Graceland chat from World of Warcraft experienced its high phase are long gone, however for lots of players the WoW chat is still a frequent annoyance, particularly in the capitals.
So far, nevertheless, there have been barely any opportunities for gamers to report on the chat about unsuitable messages in the chat to safeguard the account by ticket.
However, that will probably change with Patch 10.0.7 in Dragon Flight.

chat filter can be narrowed down to specific groups of people

Due to the fact that the Data miner from WoW (purchase now) Head have discovered the strings for new censors in the public test server, which we can choose for the chat in the future.

A brand-new option in the game menu then allows us to narrow down a filter to particular groups of individuals.


Obviously the whole thing works in such a method that the game immediately marks particular messages improper and after that we can then decide who we want to enable such messages.
The following worldwide strings are included in the files of Patch 10.0.7:
Censor_source_no_one: Chat filter uses to nobody
Option_tooltip_center_source_exclude: Inspected whose messages are filtered
Censor_source_exclude: censored news
Censor_source_exclude_friends_and_guild: censored news of all gamers except guild members and buddies
Censor_source_exclude_friends: censored news from all players excluding friends
Censor_source_everyone: censored news of all gamers
Censored_message_hidden: indicates that a possibly improper message has been hidden
Appropriately, we can then choose whether the news filter must use to all other gamers or whether we wish to secure buddies and/or guild members from it.
The associated option can be found in the gameplay settings of WoW in the rider… It is currently still unclear which chats the filter will enter into force for, but it is always an enhancement, or what do you think?
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Source: Towhead
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