Cacao Games (Representative Jose) said on the 17th, a masterpiece MMORPG ‘Odin: Balla Rising (“Odin”), which was developed by Lion Heart Studio (representative Kim Jae-young), has successfully held local showcase ahead of Taiwanese services.

Kakao Games was a local service name ‘Odin: New Born (? Ding: Deity “on March 29, and focused on the attention of the Local Service Name’ Odin: New (? Ding: Deity” in this showcase.

There were more than 150 people attended the field, including local media and officials, and the popular Taiwanese entertainer,

Cacao Games and Lion Heart Studios introduce the game and the presentation of the Taiwanese service, followed by the character costume event, and the on-site game Daejeon,

Meanwhile, Kakao Games was in January, followed by the “Taipei International Games Show” of ‘Odin: New’, followed by the end of February, and Private Test (CBT). In particular, graphics, directors, stories, combat games, such as game castle, have been popularized by CBT, and to demonstrate expectations such as participating personnel and server preemption events.

Cacao Games is preparing for the Taiwanese service for 22 years of business expansion to ‘Beyond Korea’ as ‘Beyond Korea’. Information on the Taiwan showcase of the cross multiplatform game that can be enjoyed on both mobile and PCs is ‘Odin’ official homepage and Taiwan ‘Odin’ Facebook.