At the end of 2020, the 3 Whales Studio workshop unveiled Age of Water , after that offered as an adventure MMO embarking players in a maritime universe-as in the film Water World, Age of Water takes location in a future where the Terre is bewildered by the seas as well as where humanity often survives watercrafts of watercrafts, often at the heights of the last skyscrapers.

The game guarantees missions as well as exchanges in between players-for instance to join a crew or trade. The video game likewise focuses on safe locations, as well as others where players will have the ability to complete in the context of PVP auto mechanics.

Now, the accurate launch day old of Water is not specified, however the video game guarantees to be closed beta. In the beginning, this beta will just welcome a small number of players, however the enrollments are already open up to the official website. Notice to novices.

In terms of game technicians, Age of Water is based on the expedition of a substantial maritime globe on very mainly customizable ships-the programmer promises numerous feasible combinations, both in terms of ships as well as weaponries or D ‘Armor, sometimes requiring full crews. Gamers will certainly likewise have the ability to erect marine bases, in certain to save their treasures and generate resources, but which will certainly additionally have actually to be resisted pirates as well as various other Malandrins in the seas.



Age of Water Beta-Test Trailer