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Elden Ring: How to get Fias outfit

FIA is a NPC everyone knows ELDENRING . It is one of the most important NPCs in the Roundtable Hold and offers the player comfort. It will offer you to keep yourself and give a buff that you can improve your attitude. As with many NPCs in Elden Ring, players have the desire to receive FIAS outfit. For most NPCs, this is a simple task as they only kill them and take their clothes. However, FIA holds in the Roundtable, where you can not use weapons or kill NPCs. Let’s discuss how you can get in Elden Ring Fias Outfit for yourself.

How to get fias outfit in Elden Ring

The way you get FIAS outfit is quite similar to how you give Dung Eaters armor. You have to complete your quest series to get you. Fias quest series is not something you can start as soon as you visit the Roundtable Hold, you have to make some serious progress from Elden Ring to start your quest series at all. To be fias quest series, you must rest in any place of grace in the area of the Altus Plateau. For the most part, this means somewhere behind the big elevator.

Once you have rested in one of these places of grace, you have to return to the Roundtable Hold and ask FIA to keep you again. It will go through the normal holding animation and tell you that you are warm. After that, a dialog box opens in which you can ask if you need help. Fia will ask you for a favor to find out who a dagger belongs.

You do not have to look too far because if you talk to D, Hunter of the Dead, you can give him the dagger. In this way, you can continue the quest to the next level. For the next part you have to kill a second Shardbearer and take his big rune. If you return to FIA and keep it from your again, a second dialog option will be triggered, with which you receive a card. This map has it in the direction of a black knife imprint.

You must reload the RoundTable Hold to continue the quest series. If it is reloaded, you should see Fia in a new room near the blacksmith, it will disappear afterwards. To continue, you need to go to the highest part of Deepproot Depths. You will find in the branches to Godwyn’s corpse settlers and have to fight the boss nearby. After killing the boss, you should be able to find FIA in the back of the arena.

You can talk to her again and say that you want to be held again. She will ask you to find the curse of death. If you make Rannis Quest series or have already done it at this time, this is the same item you need to get to you. In this way you can hit two birds with a flap. You have to bring the Cursemark of Death back to FIA in the Roundtable Hold. Download the area again and you should find Fia sleeping in your room.

Occurs in Fias dream and fight against Lichdragon Fotissax. As soon as they have defeated them, they get the healing rune of the death prince. If you return to FIA now, you should be able to pick up a copy of your armor, which sits next to her. If you need more help to Elden Ring, please read our other instructions.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

Elden Ring - Fia Questline, Locations, Outfit (Quest for Age of Duskborn Ending)
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According to the report, in light of the recent revenue of the series of works, some executives have come to think that some executives are considered to be too fast to release new work. The company’s latest settlement report has reported a decrease in the console and PC’s earnings, and the “Call of Duty” net reservation number has been highlighted. About such an articulation, the company’s management team thinks that the popularity of “ Call of Duty War Zone ” is affected by the “ Call of Duty War Zone “, which is offered with the title of the previous year and the basic free of charge. It is said that there is. A series of decisions is that the company’s acquisition by Microsoft is irrelevant.

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Although this information is provided from “detailed persons in the plan”, the media has previously reported that the Activision executive was considering the release of the series.

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