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The new Digimon Survive trailer deepens its gameplay

Less than a month after its launch, Digimon Survive has published a new trailer focused on its gameplay. The title, which is presented as a mixture of Visual Novel with tactical fighting in turn, which will allow us to speak in the middle of the action with both friends and enemies. You will not be able to withdraw anything from what you say, so choose carefully, we hear in the advance, your answers will affect karma, affinity between characters and digievolutions. Talking with our allies during combat will allow us to access a whole series of different power ups while debating with enemies can directly avoid the confrontation.


Despite its rugged development, which has resulted in a change of study and three delays over 2020 and 2021, the title distributed by Bandai Namco and produced by Kazumasa Habu intends to be a solid game that breaks with the usual tradition of the saga. The protagonist, Takuma Momozuka is a young man who, during a school excursion, ends up being dragged into a mysterious and full of monsters where he and his friends will meet his partner Digimon: «This is the first time that the monsters, who used to have An ethereal existence can interact with people in the modern world. In addition, since the target audience will be the adult followers who are accustomed to playing, the story will be darker, said their creators a few months ago.

Among the details you know about the game is its duration-about 40 hours-and its rejugability through three very different routes determined by parameters such as the morality of our decisions, our understanding of harmony in the world and our management of the points of the points of gonna.

Digimon Survive will be available on July 29 at PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S .

Battlefield 2042 reportedly can go on Free-to

There is nothing to wrap in the cotton. Battlefield 2042 turned out to be a gigantic die that disappointed everyone (almost all) series fans.


Bugs mass, terrible optimization, non-writing gameplay, Balkans and inept attempt to transform the game in Hero Shooter caused that Battlefield 2042 was at the bottom.

It is the best visible after steam ratings (31% of positive reviews) and the number of active players (94% drop in users from the premiere).

No wonder that EA Games wants to save what is still to save. Some exit would be to make a Battlefield 2042 Free-to-play game.

Such voices come from Inside from the company (Tom Henderson is a reliable informer from over 130k Followers on Twitter):

This is a very likely, because people will not pay PLN 270 (the official price from Steam) for such a crap.

Update: Last week we mentioned ( here ) that even the creator of the cinder for BF2042 gave up further work due to the fatal state of the game.

This is the best image of grief and despair.

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