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Hogwarts Legacy: The High Keep Quest Guide – How to Climb Gear Walls and Help Netty Onai Find Evidence of Poachers Offenses

As the school year, in the Hogwarts Heritage, Net OAI will instruct you to help her find evidence of the offenses of some poachers.
They hide in the ruins of the Alberto castle.
Unfortunately, the gates are locked, and you need to find a way to climb to the gear walls and get inside.
We can help you do just that.
Here’s how to get the High Keep in Hogwarts Legacy.

how to climb to gear walls in Hogwarts Legacies The High Keep

After meeting with Patti in the castle and finding the locked gates, turn right.
There will be several scratched wooden boards, on which you can climb by jumping to the wall.
Rising up, on the left you will find a spinner that acts like a castle.
Use the Diablo on the turntable to raise a small gate.

Inside you will find a wooden box.
Use action and repulse or Wingardium levies, if you know this to move the box outside the gate, and then to the right until it is directly under the wall with missing bricks.
Before using the box to climb up, do not forget to pick up the treasures from the chest, which was hiding behind the resting of the wooden box.
After you collect the treasure, use the box to climb onto the crumbling wall.

How to get inside the gatehouse and raise the main gate to Hogwarts Legacies The High Keep

As soon as you climbed, go all the way around the gate to the far side.


You will need to look out the window and apply the action to the wooden box that you see inside to pull it out of the path that you are going to go.
By removing the box from the road, you can return to the other side of the gatehouse.
Destroy these broken boards along with Popular.
Once inside, you will find another spinner, but it will not be as simple as the first.
You need to use Repulse on the spinner twice to completely raise the gate.
As soon as they rise, use a share to lower the wooden castle opening at the gate and holding them open.

How to catch up with Patti in Hogwarts Legacies The High Keep

Betty will help you get to the main fortress, but, unfortunately, you are divided at the front door.
To catch up with her and the Hippogrif you just noticed, climb through the forests and the wall, then apply the Deputy to the wooden box that you will find in front of you.
This will push him to a lower level.
Go down to this lower level to find a gap in the stairs that you need to cross.
Place the wooden box in this gap, then apply Levies to it to create a platform for crossing the gap.
Here you will meet several number enemies.
Send them in any way convenient for you.
Next to the place where the Bruckner silent appears, there is a locked door of the first level that you can open.
Go and climb the wall to the right of you to continue.
If you can open it, you will be a locked second-level door to the left of you, which you will pass by.
Do not miss the treasure inside if you can!
Continue to climb the tower, fight with a few more enemies, then go through the locked door with alochomora.
Rise up and up the stairs.
Follow the alcove shown below.
If you play Deputy on the shown wooden heap, you will find a chest behind it.
You will get to Hewing and her girlfriend upstairs.
Enjoy the video and the ability to recreate the feeling of a black lake sliding on the surface of the Hippogrib.
After this quest is performed, the flying mounds will be unlocked forever.

How to get all the chests during The High Keep quest in Hogwarts Legacy

There are only three points in this quest to find additional treasures.
The first of them is a chest with treasures hidden behind a wooden box at the beginning of the quest, a treasure behind a second-level door and a treasure hidden behind a bunch of firewood at the end of the quest.
If you need to return later to the locked door of the second level, there is a convenient location of the fireplace flame that you should have unlocked when you first met Patti at the entrance to the castle.
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The location of the crystals of the Temetem, how to catch, develop and statistics

If you have not chosen Castle as the initial Tested, then this is a guide for you, because we will talk about locations, about how to catch Castle and how to develop it in Tested. This locum is strong against electrical, mental and toxic.

where to find a crystal in Te meme

Castle is a crystalline type TEM, which you can find in Milan’s mines in the Turkey region. As explained earlier, Castle is a crystalline type theme, and its basic characteristics are as follows.

  • Hp: 60
  • Attack: 61
  • Protection: 69
  • Speed: 33
  • Endurance: 41
  • SP attack: 46
  • Protection SP: 42

crystal techniques

Technique The required level Type of technology Damage
Glass blade 1 Crystal type 32
Mirror shell 3 Crystal type
Bite 5 Neutral type 37
Crystal dust 9 Crystal + Wind type 60
Barans head 14 Neutral type 100
crystallize 17 Crystal type
Crystal spikes 27 Crystal type 100
Riot 35 Neutral type 65

Castle can study the next technique through the course of technology!

The name of the technique TS Type of technology Damage
Stone wall 2 Type of Earth

The techniques with which the Christ can learn by breeding, are as follows:

The name of the technique Type of technology Damage
Antitoxins Toxic type
Quartz shield Crystal type
Rotten mucus Toxin + electric type 82

Evolution of Crystals


Castle is the first stage of the three-stage chain of evolution. Upon reaching the level 30, the crystal passes evolution and becomes Harald. Its characteristics improve as follows

  • Hp: 68
  • Endurance: 45
  • Speed: 43
  • Attack: 69
  • Protection: 78
  • SP attack: 51
  • Protection SP: 48

After Herald, when Teem reaches 51 levels, he will pass another evolution and become cake. Its characteristics improve as follows

  • Hp: 74
  • Endurance: 52
  • Speed: 52
  • Attack: 45
  • Protection: 76
  • SP attack: 89
  • Protection SP: 60


Bristle has 2 features:

amphibians:, when exposed to water technology, increases the attack and speed.

rested: The first 2 moves increases the attack and SP attack by 30% once per battle.

Protection type crystal

Protection of any Tempted is determined by the level of damage that they receive from each type of technique. Castle type protection is as follows

  • Neutral: 1x
  • Wind: 1x
  • Earth: 2x
  • Water: 1x
  • Fire: 2x
  • Nature: 1x
  • Electric: 0.5X
  • Mental: 0.5X
  • Digital: 1x
  • Middle battle: 2x
  • Crystal: 1x
  • Toxin: 0.5x

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